Physician & Healthcare Workers Criminal Offenses

stanley rhett smith (medical doctor) of omaha, NE

Record Last Updated
7/8/2021 11:00:55 PM
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Mailing Address
17310 Wright St. Ste. 103
OMAHA, NE 68130
Criminal Offenses
Impaired Driving - 11/19/2021
jurisdiction: Utah
under appeal: N
Criminal Trespass 3rd Degree - 6/27/2021
jurisdiction: Arizona
under appeal: N
Misdemeanor Boating ticket - 8/30/2014
jurisdiction: ARIZONA
under appeal: N
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Disciplinary Actions
No Disciplinary Actions Found
Special Disciplinary Actions
No Special Disciplinary Actions Found
Agency for Health Care Administration Disciplinary Actions
No AHCA Disciplinary Actions Found